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Thank you for starting personal training sessions with me. I look forward to working together with you and helping you to achieve the change you want to make!


These terms and conditions apply to your purchase of all personal training sessions and/or consultations and form part of your agreement, along with the signed PAR-Q form with WR Fitness Solutions.


Purchases and bookings are to be made directly through WR Fitness Solutions only. 


Payments for block bookings must be made in full prior to booking the first session. Payments for single sessions must be made in advance of the session, or on arrival of that session. If payment is not received 12 hours before the session, your session may be forfeit, unless cash on arrival is the agreed method of payment. You will receive a copy of this agreement, as well as an optional digital receipt for any payment of sessions you make. 


WR Fitness Solutions require a minimum of 24 hours notice of any cancellation of any personal training session, sports therapy appointment, or consultation; this can be made through any form of contact agreed between WR Fitness Solutions and the client. Cancellations made under the 24 hour notice period will be subject to the cancellation terms of that session, unless WR Fitness Solutions is able to reschedule you in that same week. Cancellation terms for block bookings will be the loss of the session in question. Cancellation terms for single sessions will be the cost of that session, to be invoiced on that day. 


If you are late for your session, your session will be reduced in accordance with that time. If you are more than 25 minutes late,
WR Fitness Solutions reserves the right to cancel that session, however payment for that session will still be due, or if it is part of a package booking, that session will be reduced from the remaining sessions of that package. 



5 session packages have an 8 week expiry, after which time, any unused sessions will be lost, subject to review by WR Fitness Solutions in exceptional circumstances. 10 session packages have a 12 week expiry, after which time, any unused sessions will be lost, subject to review by WR Fitness Solutions in exceptional circumstances. 
Expiry dates for packages may be extended by WR Fitness Solutions for the following reasons: serious illness or injury, pregnancy, bereavement. While WR Fitness Solutions understands life gets in the way, proof may be politely asked to be provided should you need to extend an expiry date.


WR Fitness Solutions cannot prescribe treatment or diagnose medical conditions not in conjunction with their training or qualifications, and in line with their insurance terms. The referral to consult your GP with any medical condition may arise at any time, and the outcome of that discussion may affect the fulfilment of any training sessions remaining. 
WR Fitness Solutions is a sole trading, private brand and is in no way employed by TT Fitness Hub for the purpose of Personal Training or Sports Therapy. 


If for any medical reason you are no longer able to complete the remaining sessions on any personal training package, you will be given a refund on any outstanding sessions. Proof may be asked to be provided from your GP. If you cancel the remaining sessions of your personal training package for non-medical or circumstantial reasons, no refund will be given, subject to review from WR Fitness Solutions. 


WR Fitness Solutions operates on social media a lot, and part of social media involves pictures and videos of work in the gym. By accepting these terms and conditions, you consent to WR Fitness Solutions to take photos and videos of yourself during sessions, or share pictures or videos of yourself or a social media profile, within reason and subject to your approval, on the WR Fitness Solutions Facebook/ Instagram/ website/ marketing material. 
Your email, address, contact details and all personal data will not be shared by WR Fitness Solutions with anyone unless authorised by yourself. 
By reading through these terms and conditions, continuing to proceed with your sessions will be taken as your consent to all of the above. All of the above terms must be consented to and agreed upon before any sessions are to take place. 


Online coaching is, as standard, written across a 4 week period. Payment for any block of programming is to be paid in full before any programme will be received by the client. While WR Fitness Solutions does their best to help all clients achieve the results they desire, the sole responsibility for results lies with the client. The choice is down to the client to follow the programme set out by WR Fitness Solutions, however, if results are not achieved through the choice of the client to not adhere to the programme, the responsibility lies with them. 
WR Fitness Solutions takes no responsibility for any injury the client may sustain whilst adhering to their programme whilst under the use of equipment or in a situation where an injury may occur due to the quality/ safety of the equipment being used, or down to user error of the client. 

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