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Sports therapy goes hand-in-hand with personal training as it focuses on injury prevention as well as injury rehabilitation to keep you in tip-top shape while you exercise. 
As a sports therapist, I use a range of treatment techniques to rehabilitate you back to optimum levels of function and fitness.
You don't have to be a sports person to benefit from sports therapy treatments. If you struggle with regular aches and pains, or are recovering from surgery, be it a joint replacement or muscular repair, don't suffer in silence; Sports therapy could be just what you need.

What to expect in a Sports Therapy session with me:
During your first appointment, we will sit down have an initial consultation to discuss your medical history, injury and risk factors. and agree on what course of treatment will be best suited to your needs. 
From there we will begin the treatment programme which will consist of a variety of exercises and techniques, such as electrotherapy, ultrasound, massage, and muscle stimulation to improve your strength and reduce the risk of recurring injury.


A form of deep tissue massage which involves the manipulation of soft tissue and helps reduce tension in muscles in need of relaxation post physical exercise. 
If you often suffer from delayed onset muscle soreness after working out, regular sports massage may be just the thing you need. 


30 minute session - £40
60 minute session - £60

All treatment sessions are available at Barnes Sports Clinic in Bathford

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