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Will Riches

Hi, I'm Will!

Health and Fitness has been a burning drive for me for a long time now. It always amazes me how much of our lives are influenced and impacted by the state of our health, whether it be physical fitness, mobility, strength, our biomechanics, nutrition, and even our injuries. 

The one thing I've always loved in this industry is the opportunity to coach others into making the progress they want. Up until the age of about 19 I knew absolutely nothing about health, I was overweight, unfit and generally unhappy with myself. 

It took me 6 years, a sports therapy qualification, a personal training qualification, 35kg of weight-loss and a whole lot of discipline to really discover my path, but since then I've never looked back, and loved every moment of the challenges and celebrations.

I want to help others achieve their goals, learn more about their training, or discover what their fitness passion is!

To this day I have my own goals that are constantly evolving; I started off in bodybuilding, I now love the technical and strength challenges posed by powerlifting and olympic weightlifting. Any and all practices and lessons I give, I guarantee you now I've followed them too. 

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